TV Canadian Cooking Competition

AMI Menu Match Up


OCTOBER 3, 2017
Originally Posted on AMI

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen with this new AMI original show! Menu Match-Up is a cooking competition that challenges two culinary teams to cook up an amazing feast using secret ingredients. Each team consists of a professional chef and a home cook with sight loss working together to serve up a delicious appetizer and entrée. With just one hour to pull off their culinary creations, each team member will need the other’s skills to succeed in the game. But whose dishes will satisfy our panel of judges? The heat is on…

Beet Me to It

Originally Posted on AMI

Home cook Orly and Chef Suzanne Barr go up against home cook Yolanda and Chef Toben Kochman.  It’s a tight race to the finish as both teams whip up wonders from a crate of secret ingredients.

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