Kilimanjaro Climb Sponsorship Opportunities

For organizations, there are sponsorship opportunities to support my climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. When I reach the summit, I will proudly sit inhaling the sweet smell and the 360-degree view of true vision. It will be my greatest joy to plant a flag with your logo at a milestone along the way.

I will take your flag with me along my journey to the summit and take sponsor flags at every camp on the way to the top.

As a sponsor, you will also be featured in the documentary of the climb and will receive a video promotional clip as I plant your flag at your chosen elevation that you can use for your business/organization.

When I get back from Tanzania, you will receive the flag from the climb with your logo on it, a picture of myself standing beside your flag at your chosen elevation, as well as a letter of thanks from me, written in both Braille and print.

There are 5 sponsorship spots available, each representing a camp on the way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Day 1:  Machame Camp at 9,300ft  ||  Sponsorship US$930 (available)

Day 2:  Shira Camp at 12,300ft  ||  Sponsorship US$1,230 (available)

Day 3:  Barranco Camp at 12,800ft || Sponsorship US$1,280 (available)

Day 4:  Karanga Valley at 13,000ft  ||  Sponsorship US$1,300 (available)

Day 5:  Barafu Camp at 15,090ft || Sponsorship US$1,509 (available)

Day 6:  SUMMIT at 19,343ft  ||  Sponsorship US$1,934 (available)

To secure your sponsorship spot, simply donate the respective amount on our Go Fund Me page and we will reach out to you for the next steps!

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