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Touched by Orly’s passion, drive, and charisma

I have had the pleasure of being touched by Orly Shamir’s passion, drive, and charisma.  Her devotion to her personal mission of transforming a story of recovery into one of not only healing but of accomplishment is deeply instructive to every human being.  Because while few of us have her personal experiences of losing her sight, all of us have had the experience of losing ourselves at some point.  Maybe we were lucky and it was just for a moment.  Maybe it happened when we were bullied, and left to wonder if we really weren’t worthy.  Or maybe it happened when we beat ourselves up, and convinced ourselves we were stupid.  Fear and uncertainty come in a hundred different forms, and Orly has faced and beautifully overcome and transformed these doubts into a work of art.  All of those who are exposed to this material will be treated not only to a culinary feast, but also a calming of the spirit.  Her own lightness of being touches both the hearts and the stomachs of those whom she meets on her beloved infatuation with our taste buds.

While in acupuncture school, I was lucky enough to be in school with a blind student.  I noticed how her sense of touch was more sensitive than the rest of ours.  Of course it is said that when one sense is lessened, the others increase to compensate.  I believe that is certainly the case with Orly’s delicious recipes.

It is my honor to give Orly my full endorsement in her endeavors.


~ Dr. Cynthia Clark, Acupuncture Physician, Applied Clinical Nutritionist
Creator of Energy Evolution, BS Industrial Engineering, President, Longevity Wellness

Packed full of delicious and nutritious ingredients

Orly Shamir’s Moroccan fish recipe is packed full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach I want my clients to have access to simple and nutritious food, and this dish is ideal for those wanting to improve their cognitive strength, brain health (our brain is comprised of fats and water after all) and it will also boost immunity while being simple enough for the lay person to enjoy making!


~ Dania Ellis CHHC ~ Certified Holistic Health Coach
Healthy, the Ellis Wellness Way! Institute of Integrative Nutrition

The humor in the recipe itself is a delight

Orly’s work and story is what living is about. I’ve been a lifelong foodie always enjoyed cooking and discovering cookbooks and recipes. Food is a significant basis for why I am a passionate health coach and physical therapist, which is why this project struck a personal nerve! Through her recipe and story Orly offered me an alternative response to a challenge I have faced in my relationship with my mom! Her approach has grace permeating to the core. I can do this, I said to myself. I was compelled to read the recipe because of its origin story and the vivid sensory descriptions. The steps are easy to follow. The humor in the recipe itself is a delight. This recipe reads well and I am absolutely positive that it tastes really really good. I can visualize emotional triggers being linked to a story, which leads to a recipe. What a novel way to decide a meal.

This is an exciting new way to read a cook book!

Bon Appetit!

~ Tatiana Thompson
Health Coach, Physical Therapist, Foodie

I connected with Orly via

I connected with Orly via social media in the fall of 2019. We met in person at a three day training on integrity based human influence, presented by one of our AFB board members, in January of 2020.

Orly was very present during the three days, making connections with both blind and sighted participants, and masterfully merging ecosystems.

I have had the pleasure of spending time with her on several occasions since, and have quickly come to admire her clear vision, focus, passion and drive.

Her Nourished By Light initiatives promise to change the lives of many blind people, as well as those recovering from opioid addiction and living with severe anxiety. Orly is clearly a winner!

Kirk Adams, PhD
President & CEO American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

Orly Shamir, is a confident,

Orly Shamir, is a confident, strong and very talented woman who graduated from my Vegetarian & Plant-based Specialty Culinary Program at McFatter Technical College.

Orly is the first blind person I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching. Of course, at first, I was concerned how I would be able to teach a person without sight to maneuver through a large busy commercial kitchen which is filled with many students, professional equipment, large walk-in coolers & freezers to mention a few. Orly was comfortable in the kitchen and with her classmates right from the start. I had a class of 14 students and Orly worked well with everyone. She was grateful to receive a helping hand if needed, and quick to reciprocate as well. Teamwork is key in foodservice and Orly participated in all aspects of the food preparation as well as in the classroom. I was wowed right from the start watching her handle a chef’s knife, working on a stove and maneuvering to the oven. Orly was eager to learn ways to perfect her knife cuts and especially plating her dishes, which to me seemed impossible without sight. It was very rewarding to watch her grow and become even more confident in the kitchen.

A huge part of my program is focused on consuming a nutritionally sound diet and living a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Orly shares in my beliefs and I’m excited to see what she has in store to help motivate and educate people on the physical and mental benefits of growing your own natural and organic produce, using specific foods to heal, meditating to create calm in one’s life & the power of positivity! These are all things we need in our lives now more than ever.

Orly is a very creative chef and has so much to offer people. This is her life’s passion & her motivation is endless.

Patti Lang
Chef Instructor, Plant Based Culinary Program

As Founder of the Visual

As Founder of the Visual Experience Foundation I have been engaged and exposed to the visually impaired and blind communities in the US and abroad since 2014. Our mission is to inspire those diagnosed with eye diseases that cause blindness. We promote that if technology cannot save ones vision as fast as they lose their vision, that there is an amazing life to be lived beyond physical sight. This has allowed us to come in contact with some really amazing visually impaired individuals.

Orly is one of the most extraordinary blind woman we have met. Since I met her I cannot help but use her as the example of not letting their vision define their entire existence or furthermore using it as the excuse not to follow their dreams and ambitions as if they were sighted.

When Orly shared her vision regarding her show and mission we had no doubt that this was going to be a reality. We reached out to some of our contacts and began developing a plan to support her effort. We met with Orly in Los Angeles in February to attend a fundraising event. At this time we had meetings regarding our plans for Orly to be filmed cooking with a famous NYC Celebrity Chef in the kitchen of one of his restaurants, with a follow up fundraiser evening with the dish she prepares on camera on the menu. This collaboration was two fold. Raising funds and bringing awareness to our mission of those going blind, while providing support and exposure to Orly as the Blind Chef. (This of course has been put on temporary hold based on the current pandemic.)

Orly is all about helping others and giving back. She has a zest for life and I can do it attitude regardless of her visual limitations. She certainly does not let the nay Sayers rent any space in her head. In my opinion Orly is not only an example to those losing vision and the blind, but to all that meet her or hear her story. Providing Orly the opportunity to have a microphone and a stage will impact many.

Michael Benson
Visual Experience Foundation

Orly, I really want to

Orly, I really want to thank you for everything you did to help make possible such a great experience at the Unblinded leadership training this past January. You were amazing at organizing transportation arrangements for various fellow blind and visually impaired leaders tobattend, assisted with coordinating logistics at the mansion, prepared and served multi-course and sumptuous meals for more than 40 of us, and played a major role in fostering an incredible atmosphere that promoted new collaborative partnerships.

Thank you for being you and for being such a great example to the rest of us. Thank you also for sharing your life story and empowering each of us to draw inspiration and information from how you turned your life from what could have been a tragedy into some magnificent results! You’re just great!

Ollie Cantos
Attorney, Small Business Owner, Federal Government Official, and National Non-Profit Organization Board Member

During COVID-19, and the fact

During COVID-19, and the fact that people from the whole world are staying at home, we at OrCam, started a series of live sessions for our followers on facebook. One of our most successful sessions was with Orly Shamir. She did for us a special cooking session for the blind and visually impaired.

Orly has successfully orchestrated the live broadcast from her smartphone, to cook and to answer questions from the audience.

The response and feedback that we got were great and left whoever who saw it with an appetite for more.

Omri Barak
Content manager, marketing, OrCam Technologies

I’ve known Orly for almost

I’ve known Orly for almost a year now and I can honestly say, hands down, I have never met someone more passionate and driven. As a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer, her goal of guiding people to learn to make positive health changes is something I really admire.  She’s such an inspiration  and I truly want to see her succeed in her venture. We need more people like her in the health industry: people who practice what they preach and who tirelessly look for ways to help as many people along their health journeys as possible.




Alex Hilliker
Equinox, Brickell Heights, Miami FL

Orly is one of those

Orly is one of those people you meet, and reasonably quickly, you realize that not only is she going to have a positive impact on your own life, but she will also touch the lives of many others. Orly has an energy of love and caring that emanates from her soul. This energy is as clear when you meet her and like it on her videos. Her cooking videos do emphasize overcoming the obstacles of low vision. However, the thing that makes her unique the way she addresses mental health and addiction in her videos, subject matter that is difficult to address, but so necessary in our society.

I am an art teacher for the blind and visually impaired in the Bronx. I arranged for Orly to speak with some of my students on an online chat. Some had mentioned before that they wanted to be a chef someday, and they were excited to hear that someone just like them was actually doing it. So we called one day.

I recall one of my students asking her, “how did you do it? How did you get through all those times that you were falling down and messing up?” The seriousness of the question shocked both of us a bit. But the way Orly addressed the issue, telling this young lady how we can achieve bit. But the way Orly replied, telling this young lady how we can achieve anything, vision, or no vision, that we set our minds to. And we can do it all with fun, laughter and, of course, a lot of hard work. Then she told us the story of people bugging out when she would enter the kitchen with a huge knife saying, “ Look out! Blind woman with a knife!” She left us smiling and inspired. Orly, with her vision beyond vision, well help many people for years to come.



Daniel Lubiner
The New York Institute for Special Education, Art Teacher, Blind and Low-Vision students, grades K-12

I was blessed to meet

I was blessed to meet Orly when I was volunteering for an organization called Unblinded, which was teaching integrity based-human influence.

Orly was one of the volunteer leaders who was supporting the blind community to be able to come to a live event.  I instantly realized how lucky I was to be lead by Orly in this endeavour.

I was instantly taken with the way she spoke to everyone she came into contact with.  Her manner was so loving and nurturing, within minutes she was able to instantly transform anyone into feeling like they were with their closest friend.

I was drawn to learn as much as possible about Orly through watching how she carried herself.

Unphased by the pressure and difficulty of running her own business and volunteering, all while being visually impaired herself, Orly simply focused on her mission of helping others through her gifts and talents.

Anyone that comes into contact with Orly and learns her story is wow’ed by her strength, talent, resilience, and above all, love.  She is a true gift to the world.  Your leadership is inspiring and makes me aspire to a new level.

Guys, Orly is an amazing rockstar.  I know this is not news, but worth mentioning.

Tia Baumohl
Immpact to Influence, LLC

I am so excited for

I am so excited for your app! I love discovering new recipes. I also have LCA—mine effects the RPE65 gene. I wish you the best of luck!

I am going to participate in a trial soon. Not sure how this pandemic will affect it… Sure! I’ll sign up 😊  That sounds intense. I am in North Carolina

Andrea Joy Anderson

I met Orly Shamir at

I met Orly Shamir at the UNBLINDED Sales Mastery Immersion in New Jersey in 2020 — a personal development workshop. I have learned so much from her. She showed me how no obstacle can hold you back if you have your mind set on achieving your goal. She stepped up as a volunteer, managed not only organising the accommodation and sign-up for the non-sighted and visually impaired attendees, she also showed us what an amazing Chef she is. She planned and cooked meals for approx. 50 people. She played full out and gave a helping hand and amazing counselling wherever it was needed. She shared her impressive story of overcoming addiction, how she turned her life around and helped others with their situation by living by example. I was so fascinated that I never had a doubt that she will be able to turn her dream of helping others through the healing properties of healthy food and empowering them to transform their lives by overcoming their addiction.

Despite not knowing how to run a cooking channel of her own, she did not give up. She studied hard on what is needed, utilised the skills of others to make it work, and has already made an impact on so many people. I cannot wait to see what she will accomplish in the future by winning the Holman Prize, as her journey to fulfil her mission has just started: to nourish by Light.

Diana Lammerts
Drealtor at Dream A State Publicist — PR Consultant — Copy Writer — Content Creator

Let me start off by

Let me start off by saying how proud I am of you to see the things that you are doing. So often we come across people in life that you know have so much potential and so much to give to the world, but for some reason they can’t find the means to do so. Hearing your story, watching you travel and participate in events around the country and bringing awareness to issues you find important is so admirable. You really are a light to the blind community.



Jose Cintron
Florida Vision Technology, Assistive Technology Specialist

I had the pleasure of

I had the pleasure of hiring Orly to TD bank in 2005. She impressed me with her positive attitude, despite the many obstacles she had to face in order to be successful at her job. She proudly overcame or looked for solutions to work around challenges, knowing that she was a pioneer in our business for other people requiring adaptive technology.

There were often unexpected technology related issues that prevented her from being a fully productive member of the team but her cooperative attitude and good cheer despite these setbacks were important and appreciated. Orly left the bank to move to the US and pursue her dreams in 2018.

Deborah Moolman
Deborah Moolman Project Manager TD Canada Trust bank

Over the years, as Orly

Over the years, as Orly secured employment I have assessed her workplace accommodation needs and was involved in training her to use the workplace computer systems she needed. I have observed Orly successfully use the various computer systems in the performance of the jobs she has secured with various employers.

She approached each change calmly, optimistically and enthusiastically despite the challenges in using her assistive technology to navigate complex computer systems.

She is an adept computer user and a self-motivated learner who is not afraid to explore new areas on her own. I have observed Orly recover from personal setbacks while maintaining a high degree of professionalism in her employment. She has demonstrated a tenacious will to succeed at the tasks presented to her and the stamina to withstand the adversities along the way.

Orly has an approachable manner that leads to easy communication. It has been a pleasure working with Orly and I highly recommend her without reservation in her future endeavours with a cooking show and app development.

Dominic Young-On
President Sudata Consulting 23

Your story is very inspiring.

Your story is very inspiring. Thank you very much for sharing. Our daughter is blind with LCA AIPL1
3 years old who loves cooking! I will email you to get tips on how I can teach her to cook.

Kanae Yamamoto

ORLY was instrumental to our

ORLY was instrumental to our logistical operations in bringing 100 people who are blind and visually impaired to a 3 day business immersion event of over 1000 people in NJ in January of this year. More than 50 them came from out of state and ORLY was directly responsible for booking lodging and transportation for about 40 of them. Furthermore, she expertly prepared meals for more than 55 which included sighted guides who were working with us as volunteers. She is professional, competent, creative and a joy to work with. You can count on her in the good times and to go above and beyond to ensure that all times are as optimal as possible wherever she goes. She definitely has a passion in bettering the lives of our community.

Ben Fox Director of sales expansion Unblinded Movement
Founder of

My name is Michelle Mendez

My name is Michelle Mendez and I am the area sales manager for an assistive technology device for the blind and visually impaired called OrCam. About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Orly Shamir and a friendship was formed. She had reached out to my company because she was going to be attending culinary school and she was in need of a device that would read to her and keep her hands free in the kitchen.

The first time we spoke I immediately knew I was dealing with someone special. She shared with me personal stories of her life and what her current and future goals were. I remember thinking to myself what a dynamic, energetic force of positivity she was. Any obstacle she faced in her life she had turned into an opportunity, there was nothing holding her back. She wanted her message to not only be inspiring to those people who are blind and visually impaired but rather a theme for everyone.  She shared her desire to reach out to people and spread hope and positivity through her love of cooking. Her attitude was infectious, and I remember getting off the phone with her and feeling truly inspired. I’ve kept in touch with Orly throughout the year.

Recently my company was looking for individuals to share how they were spending their days dealing with COVID-19 on our social media platforms. Orly was the first person who came to mind. She graciously and without hesitation volunteered to do a cooking segment on Facebook live with us. Everyone who engaged with Orly in production of this segment felt the same way I had, what a remarkable person. Right as we were about to go live, we had technical difficulties and had to make on the spot changes. In true Orly fashion she didn’t skip a beat. There was no panic, no complaining, she rolled with it. She entertained viewers with her bubbly personality and messages of hope from food prep to completion. She stressed the importance of health and what we put in our bodies not only affecting our physical but mental health as well. It’s an honor to call Orly my friend, she’s found the recipe to bring light into people’s lives.

Michelle Mendez
OrCam Technologies Area Sales Manager- FL and PR

I have friends that think

I have friends that think I should go to Culinary school, and I am always hesitant to even attempt it as I feel I will not be able to do it because of my vision. Orly what do you say to someone that has that on his mind about going after something i love as much as you love?

I live on the east coast of Canada. My passion is cooking and I would love to have a food truck some day.

I agree it is very nice to meet somebody that is very passionate about cooking that is as open as you are, and is vision impaired. I’ve met a couple of others in the past couple of years but they had no interest in working with or talking to other visually impaired or blind people.

Dave Carragher

I always knew that my

I always knew that my sister who I affectionately call “Sisboomba” is living up to the meaning of her name, my light. She is a dynamic person and is a Bomb!  Keep it up.  Very proud of you!

Doron Corcos

I met Orly at a

I met Orly at a personal development workshop called Unblinded that we were attending in January of 2020. I was there to learn and grow. So was Orly, but she was also volunteering to assist with food and lodging which was provided by the conference organizers for approximately 40 blind and visually impaired people who requested help with accommodations for the event. Since that time, Orly has become an important and valued friend. During our first conversation, she shared her story—how her family emigrated from Israel to Canada where she was born, growing up in Canada and then immigrating to the United States.

She told her story of attending and then graduating from culinary school as a blind person, shared her beliefs about the healing properties of healthy food and how she is using her love of healthy food and cooking to empower people to transform their lives of addiction into lives of personal power and joy.

Orly also shared her dream of having her own cooking show—an amazing accomplishment for anyone, and doubly so for a person who is blind. More recently, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Orly has been reaching out to friends and family, collecting recipes that she is sharing with people who cannot leave their homes but who still want to enjoy the blessings of health, good food and friendship.

I have had a long association with the organized blindness community and with organizations like the San Francisco Lighthouse and the awards we give to people for their accomplishments. Very often, awards like the Holman Prize go to people who invent new technologies or who fight for the rights of blind people, and these are all wonderful reasons to give awards.

Orly is deserving in a different way, but no less so. She is deserving because she has built a personal dream of beauty and empowerment, and she is using her dream to benefit the lives of many others—some blind, some not, but all in need of her love, care and yes, cooking.

Her website is called “Nourished by” and this is a perfect name because in Hebrew, her name means “light.” Orly is bringing my light, and as a Holman Prize winner, she will be able to bring more light, much needed light, to many more people.

Ron Brooks Blind and disability community advocate
Vice-President - Transit Market Development American Logistics Phoenix, Arizona

Nourished by light! Words cannot

Nourished by light! Words cannot begin to describe The illumination and magnetism expressed by this rare individual! One need only enter a room in which Orly occupies, and you can feel the energy, passion, and love that she radiates to all! Having only met her a few months ago, I feel as if I have known her for a lifetime!

The attraction is genuine and she commands your attention by her blinding light and personality! Learning of her trials and tribulations that she has endured in her life evokes even more awe by her presence and accomplishments!

The courage that it took for her to complete culinary school, being blind, is a mazing in itself, yet when you’ve tasted her delectable dishes you begin to understand her complete holistic Philosophy. What sets her apart is that she provides her own Spices of life and imparts the true meaning of living without limits!

David M Furukawa, PA-C
Foresight Augmented Reality chief experience officer and cofounder

Orly and I had a

Orly and I had a virtual cook out with Moroccan Tagines on my show Dishin’it.  The idea was to celebrate Orly’s Moroccan background.

Can you imagine, Orly was up til 2:30 in the morning that night prior, marinating and prepping. She was dressed in her chef gear, an array of bowls and full of moxie to give to the world.

Orly is an utmost professional and her attention to detail, ease and teaching skills are impeccable. Orly is a charismatic trailblazer and her mission is to heal the world through foods – a cause driven by her own healing journey and recovery from addiction.

Orly, whose name means light, and whose show is ‘Nourished by Light’, is sure to brighten kitchens around the globe. I am incredulous at her fierce drive and I love that she can just slip into speaking French ever so beautifully.  I am humbled at her boundless intelligence and limitless potential.  She is one inspiring lady and I can’t wait for the world to see her light.

Vivian Guzman
Founder Dishin’it

Working with Orly to create

Working with Orly to create a Facebook Live Cooking session was an amazing experience. I have been working in the BVI community for three years now, and it never ceases to amaze me on how talented people are no matter what their vision level is.

During the cooking session, Orly knew exactly what she needed in the kitchen, because she was organized and well-prepared. You could tell she knew her way around in a kitchen, and that she knew what she was doing. She also showed us that anything is achievable, if you work hard and put your mind to it, which is exactly what Orly had shown us.

Watching her cook the Crispy Tofu Stir Fry made me so hungry, she even inspired me to try this recipe and cook in the kitchen, which is something I never do!! Thank you Orly for being such an inspiration to all of us!

Lena Lee
Marketing Manager, OrCam Technologies

Perfect timing: cooking for mind, body and soul

In 2017, my Baking Blind project won the inaugural international Holman prize for blind people with ambition. Now another blind cook has even better ideas and seeks your support for the 2020 competition for which she is already a semi-finalist.

When all of us are facing the current pandemic, Orly plans to show how good nutritional food can contribute to our physical and mental health. Orly says, “I want to create, empower, and inspire, through a cooking show series on Youtube; to also create an accessible app available to all across the world with guest speakers and recipes to delight and nourish our mind, body, and soul.”

She is uniquely qualified herself, having recently graduated as a chef and survived her own difficult background: “I am a recovering opiate addict, who experienced situations of domestic abuse and poor health.

Please go on YouTube and click the “like” button and “share” Orly’s 90 second video to help strengthen her application.

She’s also just launched her new website.

When so many of us are stuck at home and not having a great time, it’s worth a couple of minutes to support Orly and give her ambitions a further boost.

Penny Melville-Brown

I met Orly in June

I met Orly in June 2019, when she reached out to me on social media as I am a personal trainer and Iron Man champion. she wanted to find a triathlon coach and guide. We met soon after and started training together, and have ever since . I was totally impressed with her attitude to life as a visually impaired individual. Orly has a spirit of force and determination, with a mental vision to motivate, inspire and encourage others to succeed in life despite the challenges they have. She is undoubtedly a motivator to anyone she meets. Sky is the limit! We’ve been training together as she is setting her sights on doing a triathlon.

Beverley T. Clarke
Certified Personal, national strength and fitness Council NSFC Trainer/ Certified Swim Coach, American Swim Coaches Association ASCA

Wow, nice to meet and

Wow, nice to meet and read about someone else that has LCA as well.

Tiffany Anderson

I first met Orly when

I first met Orly when she started at the Credit Centre with TD bank in Canada in 2009.

We were invited to a home cooked meal which was absolutely delicious, my husband Tom could not take his eyes off her chopping vegetables. Orly stopped and said, stop staring at me. He asked, how does she know? He said he was watching how she handled the knife. Orly said I know how to handle this big ass knife. Little did we know just how much she had handled and was about to handle in life.
With time and conversations, I realized Orly had a past that motivated her to move forward, I did not realize just how passionate she would become about learning more and implementing what she would learn to help others.

When you have had addiction, abuse, a family to protect , nowhere to go, and deep down know where you would like to be in life, you fight to get to where you want to be.
Orly has done this in multiple ways. While working at TD she was recognized more than once for her involvement. She worked hard, she learned the technology with help from Dominic, she was recognized for her part on the Diversity Team, if it was there to do she would jump at the challenge.

All challenges, zip lining, bike riding, dragon boat racing (representing in Italy) , cruising and travelling with her side kick Francie.

If working full time was not enough, she volunteered with the blind community, enrolled Francie in classes to become a Therapy dog. Both Orly and Francie were amazing at supporting palliative care patients, both young and old.

Orly was met with many challenges, one being the first person in Canada to be part of the bionic eye procedure. Yes, she was in the news! She was helping to pave the path for others , to offer herself to ensure others may benefit in the future.

She fought hard, she had a passion for cooking, it was what she could do to feel better, it was what she could do to help friends, it was what she needed to do to ensure those like her could see her light, that there was a way to get past this, using her cooking skills and her passion for public speaking. They can do this, they can learn, they can develop a confidence to live and live well.

Orly was also part of a TV cooking show, where both participants were non sighted, paired with a sighted chef. The 3 judges loved how she combined spices, textures and her comfort in the kitchen, she was the one on fire. This was Orly in her glory.

The move to Florida has been very good for Orly and Amit. It has given Orly the opportunities and the drive to fulfill her passions. She has followed a dream, obtained a Culinary Diploma, traveled with people who have a lot in common with her, people who don’t know it yet but need someone like Orly in their life. Orly the Credit Analyst from Canada is now a Chef, has a website, helped organize trips to New Jersey, traveled to California. All to obtain as much as she can and is continuing to reach out with her thoughts on life, health, whether it be, how to get through an addiction, an abusive situation, mental health, anxiety, or just day to day struggles with life in general. She is determined to ensure her word and her light reach those in need. She not only cooks to live, she lives to cook. Orly wants people to know they too can be stronger and live well.

TD Canada Trust Senior Credit Analyst

Orly, this video was amazing,

Orly, this video was amazing, so well done. You got right to the point, Saturday as it is, and you were so smart about everything you did. Congratulations, you have my vote.

Renee Radicioni Pavlus

Orly has received well deserved

Orly has received well deserved reviews about her ambition, strength, “sight” of what she would like to accomplish and what she has accomlished based on her past experiences and setbacks. Her accomplishment in the culinary passion of her life is one of her dreams. Reaching out encouraging others to move forward to pursue their dreams is another one of her passions. Always looking out for others. I would like to take this opportunity from a sighted not so great cook/baker to share my friends relationship with myself and my family.
I met Orly and Francie (her previous eyes) when they became co workers. The dept were advised not to approach “the dog”. They did not say anything about not approaching the person. I did and asked if it would be ok to take Francie for walks at lunch time. Expecting “I would prefer not while we are at work” I was given the opportunity to be with Francie which unknowing to Orly was my therapy too. I would take Francie out, we would sit under a tree after our walk. We became friends first, then Orly and I did. It became a game when Orly would stand up and ask “where are my eyes” staff would laugh and Orly would ask “is she at Marg’s desk? Mom needed to go for coffee and Francie was sent back to guide her owner as she should. Orly and I developed as friends, not knowing at the time what demons she had following her.
Eventually, we introduced our husbands at a company event, thankfully they became friends. We went out for dinner and spent 3hrs talking, this then graduated to an in home invite for dinner. Orly was preparing at “her island” in her beautiful house, her perception would have been ….as long as their were friends and she could cook for them, she would have done it in a tent. During her preparation, my husband Tom was mesmerized and a bit anxious of Orly and the knife. She stopped cutting, directed her face at Tom and said “stop staring”. He asked me, how did she know?. She laughed and said “no worries, me and my big ass knife are ok”…that was the turning point. No one needed to worry about Orly. For all the harm she has endured, she has wanted nothing but the best for her family and friends who mean so much to her. The best thing Orly did for herself is go to Florida with Amit and start a life for them, doing what they want to fulfill their lives. Many obstacles have not stopped this little lady going after her very big dreams. We talk the talk, she walks the walk running down her many paths to ensure others are fed information to be the best they can be, fed recipes to be the healthiest we can be, and fed light into our lives to make sure we can see what she feels. When Orly moved away, she was saddened to be told by Vet..due to failing health her companion of 11 years could not go with her and her “new eyes”. We were honoured to have “those soulful eyes” come live with us. In closing who surprises and flys from Florida to Pickering for 4 days to attend a celebration of life for my Mum? Orly did to make sure my family was ok. Family and friends are important to her. Any chance she has she will continue to share “her light” to make sure we are all doing well. Looking forward to visiting you in your new home, and will be expecting some delicious Morocan salmon!!! Well done my friend, keep on cooking, keep on sharing.!!! Marg


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