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I am a powerful woman leader who is about to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I’m also a talented chef, a recovering opioid addict, and completely blind.

The addiction crisis is a world-wide problem amplified by the pandemic.  Good food is key to recovery.  This is true for everyone, even those with disabilities that may prevent proper nutrition and mindful eating.  My vision is a crucial bridge between the trauma of addiction, disability, and the solution that sets us free.  I am on a unique mission because what I have to offer is more than inspirational.  It is practical, and offers immediate relief for all types of communities worldwide.

I would like to share my message to inspire people living with any type of limitations, and I am available for an interview.  Please see more information in the body of this email/document.

Interview Opportunity


Did you know that blind and disabled people are 40% more likely to develop addictions?

And did you know that proper nutrition is key to recovery?  This is a huge barrier for people in the sight-loss or disabled community worldwide, who struggle to recover from addictions while navigating the challenges of healthy eating, from shopping to reading food labels, let alone chopping and frying.

I can change that, and I am going to!

Although I have been legally blind my whole life, I lost my soul’s true vision through opioid addiction and poor health.  But simple, nutritious food-making helped me regain my 20-20 vision, if not through the eyes, then through the heart.  This isn’t just my story, nor is it just a story about the disabled.  It’s everyone’s story.

It is our traumas that blind us, and our truth that lights the way.

By conquering my own personal mountains, I want to teach the importance of good food and how to make better life choices.  

About Me:

I am a talented chef, a champion athlete, a bi-lingual financial professional, and a successful motivational speaker.  I am a recovering opioid addict, and I am blind.

My name is Orly, which in Hebrew means “My Light”.  That’s how I see myself – I Am Light and I Am Vision.  I want to share all that I have lived and learned so that others might seek and achieve their own ideal life vision.

My talent for cooking, my experiences all over the world, tasting a plethora of inspiring flavors, and my story of failure, addiction and abuse, woven with courage, resilience and recovery, all compel me to inspire, to motivate, and to support others in knowing that change is possible.

I was born with a degenerative condition, a form of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).  It affects the retina, with onset at birth.  During my early youth I had enough vision to read very large print close-up, and to move around without a cane.  As soon as I hit my twenties, however, the little vision I had deteriorated fast into minimal light perception and shadows – and that’s it!  Still, I have true 2020 vision, and my blindness forces a mindful clarity through all my other senses, which enriches everything from my cooking and healing to my service to others.


Orly Receives Award at Bake-Off

I have participated in a televised national cooking competition called Menu Matchup in Canada, and many times been invited for a guest appearance to deliver cooking shows from my own kitchen.

My broader media experience includes completing a broadcast training program, specifically designed for blind and visually-impaired people.  This was the first of its kind in Canada.  Through the broadcast training program, I interviewed several important media journalists in Canada, including the award-winning Anna Maria Tremonti.

I am experienced in leading blind communities.  I participate and volunteer at large-scale live events, arranging for almost 100 blind and visually-impaired people to attend from all over the world.

I am an active part of the massive community of successful business professionals, leaders, coaches, and top platinum members of Tony Robbins events.

I am also active in several social media groups that have thousands of members each, including recovery groups, food and culinary groups, and blind/visually-impaired and disabled groups from all over the world.

I am experienced in taking on ambitious and leading-edge projects to improve the lives of disabled people.

I made medical history as the first Canadian to receive a bionic eye in a two-year clinical trial to test the efficacy of a new Retinal Micro Chip Implant Device for people living with vision loss.

I am also proud to count my many years of opioid addiction and domestic abuse as experience.  I know the challenges and difficulties that even the most determined recovering addicts face, and how important nourishment of the mind, body and soul is on the journey toward healing.  This experience makes me a relatable role model.  

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing a mountain is a great metaphor for the journey of life, so in March of 2022 I will climb and summit Mount Kilimanjaro with Mountains and Marathons, a Leadership Program, that for the last six months has given me the tools and helped me develop the mindset to become a powerful leader in the world.  The retreat begins on March 11th, with the 6-day climb starting on the 13th.

Upon my return I will start a Fully Accessible Meal-Kit Project, providing access to healthy, homemade, absolutely delicious meal options, that can be easily-prepared by all abilities, and for which I will present a dynamic cooking video segment for each recipe.  The only thing better than a good recipe is when something is so easy to make that you don’t even need one!  I will guide everyone through the process of making the dishes we all love, meals that we can all make with our eyes closed.

I will also create a Multi-Sensory Dining in the Dark Experience, where I will design and prepare a multi-course tasting menu.  I will walk people through a dining experience with different textures, flavors, smells, and tastes, guiding them through a more mindful, enjoyable eating experience, focusing on using their other senses. 

Video Documentary:

We will create a video documentary of the climb, in which I will share my story and talk about the Meal-Kit Project, the Dining in the Dark Experience, as well as keeping you updated on my progress as I use food to sustain my body, mind and spirit.

Taking this story to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro is my way of showing others around the world that they, too, can face their own mountains.  It takes time, effort and a belief in ourselves to take control of our lives, but it is always worth it.

I want to empower others with my recipes for success, changing the world one step at a time up the mountain, and one meal at a time, as people begin to cook with more mindfulness.

By exposing the truth about disability, addiction and nutrition I will help educate the world that living with any limitation does not mean we need to accept a lesser quality of life.

Why now?

The Covid pandemic has amplified the urgency and need for this project.  People of all abilities and disabilities on the road to recovery are now faced with many triggers such as anxiety, boredom and loneliness that lead to bad habits like poor nutritional choices and substance dependency.  They need an easy, compassionate guidance system that inspires change and provides practical steps for transformation, and I have the skills and experience to deliver this through simple nourishing recipes for food and life success.

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