Living the DELITE Culture: Orly’s Story

DELITE CultureMeet Orly Shamir, a Credit Analyst at the Personal Credit Centre in Markham. Orly is just one example of an employee who is truly living the “E” in DELITE – Engage Employees to Aspire and Achieve. When asked to present at a Business Banking Diversity event last month, Orly rose to the occasion without hesitation. After all, this isn’t the first time Orly has spoken about her unique experiences working for TD as a visually-impaired employee.

The event was organized by the Advancing Together Business Banking committee. Their focus is on four main pillars; one of which fosters awareness of diversity-related issues. With Francie by her side, a six and a half year old Labrador, Orly spoke about the challenges she faced when she first started working for TD back in 2005.

As expected, things weren’t easy. While developing her career within TD she “lost out on a lot of potential opportunities because of the technology and accessibility barriers”. But these challenges did not stop her from pushing on: “I had so much support from the Adaptive Technologies team, HR, executives and my peers … that really kept me going”. Orly’s message was clear: despite her physical disability she’s able to push the limits every single day and do so with a feeling of accomplishment. She encourages others to do the same no matter what.

When you meet Orly, it is obvious she has a real passion for speaking. She is a member of the Operations & Technology Diversity Committee (co-lead on Communications) as well as a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Today Orly continues to be a strong advocate for a positive, respectful and inclusive work environment which has enabled her to find a role that not only utilizes her skills, but is also 100% accessible for her and Francie.

She welcomes the opportunity to share her story and passion with others.

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