3 Common Questions I’ve Been Asked Over The Years

There are no stupid questions!  We can’t possibly know everything so we shouldn’t expect others to know everything, and how do we learn unless we ask?

I have never turned anyone away or made them feel uncomfortable about approaching me with their questions or their curiosity. I am always just happy that someone took the plunge to approach me and ask.

Sometimes people get stuck on the words they might use to express what they are thinking, but I’ve learned to look beyond the words, and see the meaning of their questions, without judgement, and I never feel offended.

These are the three top questions I’ve been asked over the years as a blind person.

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I’ve been preparing my whole life for this moment,
it is time!

I’ve been preparing my whole life. Collecting and re-writing flavorful healing, recipes. I have been preparing my spirit through a lifetime of trial and trauma, especially these last 8 years in which healing my mind, body, and spirit has been my top priority. I have been collecting and examining strategies and tools for success in overcoming a tremendously difficult opioid addiction that almost took my life twice. Nutritious food and sensory delight is a strong motivator for staying alive!

To be able to share this experience and insight with others, I completed culinary school – the first blind person to successfully complete and graduate the program. I am constantly deepening my knowledge of healing food by consulting with nutritionists and health coaches, and am preparing for the project by establishing a network of expert contributors.

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