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More About Orly 1I’m a chef, and I’m blind.  Although I’ve been legally blind my whole life, I lost my soul’s true vision through opioid addiction and poor health.  But simple, nutritious food-making helped me regain my 20-20 vision, if not through the eyes, then through the heart.  This isn’t just my story, nor is it just a story about the visually impaired.  It’s everyone’s story.  It is our traumas that blind us, and our truth that lights the way.

My name is Orly – it means “my Light”.  I’m originally from Montreal.  I am turning our recovery story into a beautifully designed recipe app. Healing and delicious recipes demonstrated via video and audio platforms and a downloadable app accessible to all, with the input of guest experts to help us heal through the art of cooking. This will teach and inspire all to simplify and improve the quality of our food and to make better nutritional choices accessible to those recovering from addictions.

I will show you that cooking, like life, is best experienced as a multi-sensory treat that will bring your vision to perfect clarity – if not through the eyes, then through the heart.

I have a passion for cooking, always being creative in my dishes.  I love to entertain, I love good wine, and really have been moving towards a more healthier life style.

Desserts/baked goods are so amazing, however the first thing people feel of cutting out when changing their life style, or dieting is to cut out desserts.   I am not a diet believer.  I don’t diet, I just change my overall nutrition and food choices.

I exercise, and have made a conscious choice of how I live life!  It’s inevitable for all of us that life will deal out hard circumstances and challenges.  What has made the difference for me in my life journey, is how I react, move forward and choose to thrive.

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