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Although I Am Physically Blind,
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Nourished By Light 5
Orly Shamir
Blind Chef
Orly Shamir
Blind Chef
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The Opioid epidemic that was already existent through communities all over the world is more than ever a threat with the global Coronavirus lockdown. People of all abilities and disabilities on the road to recovery will now be faced with many triggers such as anxiety, that lead to bad habits, such as poor nutritional choices.  The entire world needs support, guidance, and impactful inspiration towards recovery of all kinds, which is why I have created Nourished By Light.

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Join me as I climb to the summit
of Mount Kilimanjaro
in Tanzania in
September 2021


Although I am physically blind, I have true vision.


For the last six months, I have been part of the Mount Kilimanjaro Leadership Program through Mountains and Marathons. During this time, I have developed the mindset, and learned the tools to become a powerful leader in the world.


I am taking on this challenge to inspire hope in others who are dealing with vision loss, blindness, or other life challenges while overcoming adversity and conquering my own fears.


My own story of failure, addiction, and domestic abuse, woven in with courage, resilience, and recovery, have all culminated in this journey. (For more about my story, click here)


In September, my leadership program will graduate with a 10-day Retreat in Tanzania, where I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  The trip will all be video-documented.



Mount Kilimanjaro is yet another platform for me to demonstrate that rising above any challenge is possible for everyone.


It is our traumas that blind us, and our truth that lights the way.


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To help fund the project, please go here.

Any donations above the target fundraising goal will contribute to the startup of an accessible meal-kit business, providing access to healthy food to people of all abilities

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Climbing with Light and Culinary Vision

Climbing With LightSharing my light and vision, sharing through food and multi-sensory experiences.

My own story of failure, addiction, and domestic abuse woven in with courage, resilience, and recovery – it was all for this!

I am compelled to inspire, motivate, and to support others in knowing that change is possible.

It’s everyone’s story. It is our traumas that blind us, and our truth that lights the way.

I have started the journey to having my own cooking show on Youtube and helping humans heal their minds, bodies, and souls through simple, nourishing recipes and recipes of life success.

Please follow my journey, “like”, and share my videos with anyone and everyone that you can to help light the way, and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel – which will help support my work.

Thank you so much for being on this incredible journey with me, and I can’t wait for us to discover and light the way for one another, especially during this worldwide pandemic of #COVID19.I want to give back and make our world a better place! Nourished By Light 9

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Read more about Orly’s Experience, Ideas and Proposal

Professional Testimonials

quotesOrly Shamir’s Moroccan fish recipe is packed full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach I want my clients to have access to simple and nutritious food, and this dish is ideal for those wanting to improve their cognitive strength, brain health (our brain is comprised of fats and water after all) and it will also boost immunity while being simple enough for the lay person to enjoy making!  Read more …
quotesOrly’s work and story is what living is about. I’ve been a lifelong foodie always enjoyed cooking and discovering cookbooks and recipes. Food is a significant basis for why I am a passionate health coach and physical therapist, which is why this project struck a personal nerve! Through her recipe and story Orly offered me an alternative response to a challenge I have faced in my relationship with my mom!
Read more …
quotesI have had the pleasure of being touched by Orly Shamir’s passion, drive, and charisma.  Her devotion to her personal mission of transforming a story of recovery into one of not only healing but of accomplishment is deeply instructive to every human being.  Because while few of us have her personal experiences of losing her sight, all of us have had the experience of losing ourselves at some point.  Read more …

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Orly’s Inspiration

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“Please know on this day of your life that… that patience, above all else, is what is needed right now. Do not let anxiousness or frustration take over. Conditions on the exterior of your experience will change, but your highest benefit will be achieved when conditions in your interior remain the same. Hold to your inner peace. Reclaim your identity. Trust your higher wisdom. Look to the grander vision. Do not agitate for a decision right now, nor seek an immediate solution. Do not wish for an end to things as they are. That end will come. Yet let it arrive naturally. Do not push the river. Wait. The Right Time is at hand, and resolution of this difficulty is on its way.

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